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Tour de Lance no more

July 25, 2010

Alberto Contador has won the 2010 Tour de France, his third such victory in four years. Meanwhile, Lance Armstrong finished in 23rd place, 39:20 behind Contador. The the greatest cyclist of all-time, winner of seven consecutive Tour de France races after being diagnosed with cancer, has announced his retirement from cycling.

Asked his thoughts after the race, Armstong simply replied, "I need a cold beer."

Nerdvana (also known as Comic-Con) begins

July 24, 2010

In San Diego, the wonder of yet another Comic-Con has begun. The event is encompasses everything nerdy, from comic books to TV shows and movies. As expected, people come out in full costume. But before you get too excited, remember that for every one of these and these, there are one million examples of Joker people and human Chewbaccas. Yikes!.

Kings of Leon critics include harmony and pigeons

July 23, 2010

Even if you hate Kings of Leon, you can't say that their rock stylings are for the birds. At a St. Louis concert, the Kings of Leon were forced off the stage by a flock of pigeons. Sadly, this did not occur when Talked Up watched them perform at the Hollywood Bowl.